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Dang Tran Thanh

In 2000, Mr. Thanh joined “Lan Handicraft”. Despite his young age he quickly learned various skills and finally took on a leadership position. In 2009, he registered DEAFCRAFT 5 COLORS as a social enterprise.
Mr. Thanh has the vision to provide an environment where each staff can develop its full potential and the company will positively impact the lives of hearing-impaired people in Hanoi and all over Vietnam.
Email: deafcraft5colors@gmail.com


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Dam Kinh
Assistant Director

Ms. Kinh joined “Lan Handicraft” in 2004 and has ever since been a key staff for the business.
She performs various tasks such as accounting, interpreting Vietnamese – sign language – English, managing customer relations, product design etc. Moreover, Ms. Kinh assists Mr. Thanh in his managerial responsibilities.
Email: kinhdam@gmail.com



Our team is constantly growing. All of us – with the exception of three staff – are deaf.
We come from Northern provinces in Vietnam and we all have had challenging experiences in our earlier years. Some of us have multiple physical handicaps; others are orphans, but all of us grew up facing discrimination and feeling like a burden to our families and the society.
However, at DEAFCRAFT 5 COLORS we were given the opportunity to develop our skills and personalities as well as to simply enjoy a better life. We have received medical care, literacy and vocational training, and now have good jobs which allow us to earn our own living. In addition, we can make meaningful contributions to our families and the society.